Horsehair Shine Brush

$18.00 USD

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Hardwood and Horsehair Shine Brush for Shining and Polishing
6.75 in. by 2.125 in. 

Give leather, new and old, a good ol’ dust and buff with the Horsehair Shine Brush. Use this brush to gently clean lackluster leather prior to applying any MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection product, then use it to give that newly polished or conditioned leather a nice, finished buff. Why horsehair? It’s soft yet stiff, absorbs and retains water – and dispenses it slowly. This means that the shine brush won’t cause scratches, smears, or streaks as you revive the condition and look of your leather.

  • Waxed hardwood block handle
  • 100% horsehair fill
  • Stand brush on its side to store
  • 100% made in USA


Giddyup to the benefits of horsehair! Simultaneously soft and stiff, horsehair can gently clean leather without risk of scratching it. And when it’s time to buff? Horsehair’s ideal, because it absorbs water and slowly releases it – preventing smears and streaks. As for the handle, it’s made of renewable hardwood. No rainforest trees were harmed in the making of this brush. 6.75 in. by 2.125 in. by 1.75 in. (incl. 1 in. fill)

How To Use

To clean leather, lightly mist it with water, and use the Horsehair Shine Brush to renew the existing finish. Once the leather is conditioned or polished with a MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection product, use the brush to thoroughly buff the leather. For an even higher shine after conditioning or polishing: Buff, mist, and buff again. When not in use, store the brush on its back or side. Storing it bristles down will cause them to splay out and diminish their buffing capacity.

What's it for?

Use our Horsehair Shine Brush to clean light dust off of leather footwear and other leather items. Then use it to buff leather to a nice sheen after applying MooBuzz® Leather Protection or shoe polish. If using this brush for a product with color or shine, it is recommended to have separate brushes for each – to prevent unwanted color or shine transfer.

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