The Good-Natured Guarantee

Good-natured Guarantee banner

Our Good-Natured Guarantee is part of our mission to make premium quality products using simple, natural, ingredients with respect for the environment. We bring honesty and integrity to every aspect of the products we offer to you.

That means we’re thoughtful about the number and volume of resources we use in our production processes. We’re committed to using local, USA-made, recycled or reusable materials whenever we can. If we can’t source materials and supplies locally, we create relationships with companies who have long and deep roots in their communities and who offer us quality supplies and materials that meet our high standards.

This adds up to no-nonsense, effective products that you’ll want to bring into your home or shop. Our goal is to make products that will help you maintain and protect the investment you’ve made in quality leather goods. 

Simply put, we want you to be 100% happy with MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection products. If you're not, we'll refund to you the original cost of your purchase.

Didn’t love MooBuzz® Leather Protection? Return the unused portion to us in the original tin or tube. We will refund the purchase in full, including shipping.

To begin a product return, email us your return request and order number. We appreciate your feedback.