Behind the MooBuzz®


Leather layers -  breathe and need conditioning plus waterproofing



Conjured up by a real-life cobbler, MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection is handcrafted by real humans in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Non-sticky, not stinky and made with all natural, no-nonsense ingredients, it’s the waterproofer and conditioner to reach for when you want your leather to last.

We make MooBuzz® Leather Protection in small batches, by hand, in Cambridge, Wisconsin. We use only natural, locally-sourced and renewable ingredients whenever possible, and all of our supplies come from family-owned businesses with long and deep roots in their communities. As small business owners ourselves, those things are important to us.


We’re committed to keeping our footprint small, our quality high, and our customers happy.

All of our products are packed in and shipped using simple, recyclable, or 100% recycled materials and containers. Always.

We want to promote good care for your leather even if you don’t use MooBuzz® Leather Protection. Our “Good Advice” blog provides expert information (from a real cobbler) to help you care for your quality leather goods. Sign up for monthly leather care tips via our newsletter. You’ve invested in a quality leather piece. Let us help you sustain it.

One more thing. Our quality is guaranteed: If you don’t like our product for any reason, return the unused portion to us for a full refund. Including postage. Period.

We’ve been making and using MooBuzz® Leather Protection for over thirty years. Thanks for keeping us all busy!

* more about our suppliers:

Tin with ingredients diagram: Beeswax from Midwestern hives, neatsfoot oil from Indiana tins from California