April 25, 2016

Ingredients? There are two. And they’re all natural.

cow says moo + bee says buzz (our two all natural ingredients)

We don't have any secret ingredients. 

MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection conditions and waterproofs leather with two simple ingredients: Neatsfoot Oil (which comes from cows) and Beeswax (which comes from, yes, bees). Neatsfoot Oil's the Moo, and Beeswax is the Buzz.

Adding Neatsfoot Oil to Beeswax creates a paste that melts at the temperature of your body – making it great for applying to leather by hand. This paste is not sticky. It's not stinky. And it contains no toxic chemicals. That means it’s safe for you, your leather, and the environment.

Okay, so what’s a Neatsfoot?

“Neat” is an Old English word for domesticated cattle. Neatsfoot Oil is derived from the shin bones and feet of cattle. We use only 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil to make MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection, and it's pretty cool stuff. Unlike most animal fats, it's liquid at room temperature. It can deeply penetrate leather fibers to soften and preserve, and it doesn’t stiffen up when the temperature plummets.

Bonus: Pure Neatsfoot Oil is non-drying and will not cause leather to become brittle. 

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Why use Beeswax?

Beeswax does not dissolve in water, and it remains very pliable at low temperatures. In fact, it is much more pliable than most plant waxes at similar temperatures. These characteristics allow Beeswax to stay flexible when applied to leather and then subjected to cold and wet conditions. It’s an amazing natural material.

The powers of Neatsfoot Oil and Beeswax combined

MooBuzz® Leather Protection conditions and waterproofs leather with the help of two powerhouse ingredients. It conditions leather by restoring moisture and leaving leather smooth and supple, and it waterproofs leather by protecting from water and salt and preventing stains and scars.