Is all Neatsfoot Oil the same?

May 25, 2016

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Is all Neatsfoot Oil the same?


There are two kinds of Neatsfoot Oil you are likely to encounter.


Neatsfoot Oil Compound

Often called Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound or just Prime Neatsfoot Oil.

These products rarely list their ingredients.

Neatsfoot Oil Compound contains other ingredients to extend the oil. These additives may include petroleum derivatives or synthetic oils.

The added oils can cause leather to become brittle as it ages and may cause stitching to decay.

Petroleum additives can break down the glue bond on many types of footwear.

Another drawback is the vaguely chemical smell left on your leather and your hands after using one of these products.


Pure Neatsfoot Oil

No additives.

Pure Neatsfoot Oil is non-drying and will not cause leather to become brittle.

MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection is made with 100% PURE Neatsfoot Oil.

Love your leather. Don’t use petroleum additives or artificial oils.

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