May 15, 2020

Give Your Gardening Gloves a Hand

Give Your Gardening Gloves a Hand

When it’s time to dig into gardening season, it’s time to think about protecting those pruners. The ones attached to your arms. We’re talking about your hands! If you prefer not to go bare and you seek a little extra protection, there are plenty of gardening glove options. There’s cotton, rubber, leather, suede – and more. If you ask us, though...

We recommend leather gardening gloves.

Leather gardening gloves provide good protection, and with a routine regimen of MooBuzz All-Natural Leather Protection – they can last longer than many other types of gloves. A lot of different types of leather are used to make gloves for gardening or other yard work. For sustainability, we recommend avoiding split leather or suede. It’s harder to maintain. (Extra Tip: Deer hide will stay supple even after it gets wet and dry repeatedly.)

Already have a go-to pair of leather gardening gloves? We’ll help you prep them for this year’s growing season. If your leather garden gloves are dirty and stiff from last year’s fall clean up, here’s an easy way to get them back in shape. 

  • First – relax, it’s ok to get them wet!
  • If they’re really dirty, roll them back and forth between your hands to remove most of the dirt. This will also help soften them up a bit. If they’re so stiff you can’t get your hand in, wet them just enough to get your hands into them. Then put them on and wash them just like you’re washing your hands. If you have saddle soap – great. Use it. If you don’t, use regular hand soap. It’ll work fine. Use just enough soap and water to get a good lather. Use a brush if you’ve got stubborn dirt and grit.
  • Leave them on your hands while you rinse thoroughly.
  • While still on your hands, dry thoroughly with a good old, absorbent towel. Really squeeze down especially on each finger to remove most of the water.
  • Remove them and lay them flat to get almost dry, just damp. This may take less time than you’d think. If they get so dry that you can’t get your hand in (again) just wet them a little to allow you to get them on. 
  • Wearing the damp gloves, thoroughly rub a light coat of MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection into the gloves just like you’re putting lotion on your hands. Get it into every nook and cranny. This is really satisfying. The little bit of moisture remaining in the leather is good for it. If needed, wipe away any excess. And rest easy, MooBuzz Leather Protection contains no harmful chemicals to hurt your plants or get into the soil.
  • Done! 
  • Use them right away if you’ve got work to do. Or store them in your work bucket.

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