Shine Cloth

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$12.00 USD

100% Cotton Fleece Shine Cloth
14 in. by 14 in.

Give leather a good cleaning, buff, or shine with this high-quality cotton fleece cloth. Smooth on one side and a little bit fuzzy on the other, this cobbler-approved shine cloth has enough heft to be absorbent without leaving lint behind. Other commercially available shine cloths are just too narrow and stiff to give you a good shine. And unlike those inferior alternatives, the MooBuzz® Shine Cloth is endlessly washable, forever reusable — and it’s made to last.

  • 100% cotton fleece cloth
  • Smooth side buffs, fuzzy side shines!
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Made in USA with USA-made fabric
  • This shine cloth is made of 100% cotton fleece. Why’s that matter? Because sustainability matters. It’s washable. It’s reusable. And it handily outdoes the alternatives! Heavy and absorbent, this superior shine cloth won’t leave streaks or lint behind.

  • After applying your favorite MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection product with a clean rag, old cotton t-shirt, or even your hand — simply rub your leather briskly with the smooth side of the shine cloth to remove excess product and begin the buffing process. For a nice hand-rubbed look, lightly mist leather with water and buff dry. Use the fuzzy side of cloth for the final all-over shine.

  • Our Shine Cloth is intended as a cleaning and buffing cloth for all types of leather goods – best used before and after a MooBuzz® Leather Protection Product is applied. It can be used to apply MooBuzz® Products, but application can also be done with your hand. You can use our Shine Cloth to apply shoe polish or Matte Color MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection, but you might think it's too nice for that!

in every walk with nature one receives far more than (s)he seeks. ~ John Muir

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