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Hardwood and Tampico Brush for Deep Cleaning
1.5 in. by 5 in. 

This one’s a cobbler’s favorite, folks. And here’s why! The Tampico Cleaning Brush can be used to clean leather of all kinds. Used for centuries, tampico bristles have been making a comeback as people shift from plastic cleaning brushes that can scratch and damage to gentler, more sustainable alternatives. Tampico fibers soften when wet, yet stay abrasive enough to thoroughly clean away grit and grime. Another bonus of this brush? The ¾" bristles are the ideal length for cleaning leather.

  • Waxed hardwood block handle
  • Natural-bristle, tampico fill
  • Stand brush on its side to store
  • 100% made in USA


What’s tampico, and why’s it matter? The tampico bristles of this brush are made from a plant unique to the semi-desert areas of northern Mexico, the Agave Lechuguilla. Stiff and sturdy, tampico bristles absorb water and soften when wet – meaning they can attack grit and grime without scuffing or scraping your leather. As for the handle, it’s made of renewable hardwood. No rainforest trees were harmed in the making of this brush.

How To Use

Leave your leather without a lick of dirt or grime by wetting the brush and bringing water up to the leather. Never submerge your boots, shoes, gloves, or other leather goods! The Tampico bristles hold 65% more water than plastic fibers, so they bring water to the leather’s surface and slowly release it as you clean. Use soaps sparingly. Stand the wet brush upright to dry out, otherwise water can drain onto the wood block and rot.

What's it for?

Use the Tampico Cleaning Brush to give leather a good ol’ spring (summer, fall, or winter) clean without risk of scratching it. When leather is wet, it’s easy to scratch – that’s why you want to use a brush with bristles that soften as they absorb water. Fear not! These natural bristles absorb plenty of water and soften to prevent scratching, even when giving leather a good scrub. When dry, the bristles are quite stiff making them perfect for removing dried on dirt and grit from shoes and boots before washing.

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