Horsehair Welt Brush

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$8.00 USD

Horsehair Welt Brush
5.75 in. by .625 in. 

Known lovingly around our workbench as the Small Spaces Brush, this Horsehair Welt Brush can make leather care miracles happen. Dirt, grit, and grime that’s hard to reach? It’ll get into those nooks, crannies, and tight spots that elude the bigger brushes. Need to clean the welt of a shoe or apply leather protection to the lace stay of a boot? Get in there! Horsehair absorbs water and releases it slowly — meaning it won’t streak, smear, or scratch as you clean, protect, and buff your leather.

  • Waxed hardwood shaped handle
  • 100% horsehair fill
  • Rest brush on back or side to store
  • 100% made in USA
  • Giddyup to the benefits of horsehair! Simultaneously soft and stiff, horsehair can gently clean leather without risk of scratching it. And when it’s time to buff? Horsehair’s ideal, because it absorbs water and slowly releases it – preventing smears and streaks. As for the handle, it’s made of renewable hardwood. No rainforest trees were harmed in the making of this brush.

  • To clean leather, lightly mist it with water, and use the Horsehair Welt Brush to renew the existing finish. Use it to apply a MooBuzz® All-Natural product in the hard-to-reach nooks for a true waterproofing application. Then buff! When not in use, store the brush on its back or side. Storing it bristles down will cause them to splay out and diminish their buffing capacity.

  • With its long handle and compact bristles (like a toothbrush), this brush will get into those harder-to-reach spots like the welt (where the sole meets the shoe or boot) and the lace stay (where the tongue meets the shoe or boot at the bottom of the laces). It’s also a great little brush for waterproofing seams around zippers and getting into all sorts of crevices on leather bags with multiple pockets.

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